Angela “Angie” Louise Pastore-Yanni

Angie Yanni was my mother. She died June 13, 2013 from Alzheimer’s, as did her mother before her. Angie (she preferred to be called Angela) was the mother of 14 children, three of which died shortly after birth. Like me, she was the middle child. She was a devoted Catholic who went to church every day and confession on Friday. I credit my mother with being the person responsible for getting me started on the path to volunteering. She was always helping others, from the elderly in a nursing home to children on the Caribbean Island of Haiti. It was who she was. She was also the caregiver for her mother, who also suffered with Alzheimer’s, and my father when he was battling cancer. It was hard to see her go from being the caregiver to the one who was in need of care. She is the reason I purchased Alzheimer’s Aprons & Pillows (AA&P) and for all the good works I may do in my lifetime. There is nothing I want more than to have no need for companies like mine. This is my dream. However, until that time arrives I will strive to do my best to service the Alzheimer’s/Dementia community. As you can see, AA&P is more than a company to me. It is my heart, my passion. My mission is to do my mother proud. If I do that, I will be truly happy.



Theresa (aka Cheech) Yanni
Proud daughter of Angela Yanni

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