Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary!!

Alzheimer’s Aprons & Pillows

APRIL 1, 2017

Please join with me in celebrating my 2nd anniversary as proud owner of Alzheimer’s Aprons & Pillows!! It has truly been a privilege serve the Dementia/Alzheimer’s community. I have meet so many wonderful people and learned quite a bit about this awful disease. It is my hope that in the near future there will be no need for products like mine. But until that time I will do my best to help improve the quality of life of as many people with this disease as possible. Want to thank my family and friends for all their support. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Alzheimer’s Aprons & Pillows

2nd Anniversary Special!!

 In celebration of our 2nd anniversary we are offering  10% off all purchases for the month of April!!! Just go to www.alzaap.com  to place your order.


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