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Activity aprons & pillows for Alzheimer’s patients

Muff Pillow

This is a activity/fidget pillow that turns into a muff. As a pillow you can play with the zipper, velcro strip or attached fidget items. To make into a muff just wrap the elastic loop around the buttons on the opposite end. You can put the fidget item inside the muff so you can fidget with it when hands are in muff. You can add a strap to it to either go over the neck or around the chair to keep it secure. There is a ribbon on bottom of pillow for you to write name of loved one. This way it will not get lost.

This Muff/Pillow is designed to provide a better LIFE to the those who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. By better LIFE we mean:

L-Lift spirits and entertain users while relieving caregivers.
I- Items on the pillow holds the user’s interest. This stimulates senses and reinforces memory.
F- Focus user’s attention during therapy or conversation with a caregiver. Offer visitors and staff topics of conversation with users.
E- Exercise hands and fingers as it stimulates movement.

For safety reasons, please inspect all items each time before using to make sure they are securely attached to the blanket. Pillows will vary in design and attachments.

We can customize your pillow for you. Custom orders ship 5-7 days after order is placed. Just contact me with requests.

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