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Activity aprons & pillows for Alzheimer’s patients

Mobility Bag


The Mobility Bag is great for water bottles, pens, phone, or small book. Both sides are accessible at the same time. The Mobility Bag Overall size 18 ” x 21”, Front has one large pocket 17.5″ W x 10 deep (Velcro in center). Great for large items like folder or notebooks; Back has three pocket; 2- 5″ w x 10 deep, with center pocket 7” W x 10” deep. Secure to walker with ¾” W x 12” L ties.

Made from 100% cotton fabric. Comes in a variety of fabrics. Washable in warm water. May be pressed with warm iron. Bags are handmade so sizes may vary. Made in USA.

One side has five secured activities with felt fabric and the reverse side has soft furry fabric for touching and feeling. A plush toy and a scrunchy sponge, on secured strings, are attached for petting and playing enjoyment. There are also 3 buttons for them to button & unbutton along with a zipper with a ring tab for them to play with & 2 pockets for them to put pictures or other items in. Pillow dimensions are 16″ x 16″, with 1 1/2″ padding, an ideal size for lap holding and is machine washable. (See washing instructions) The pillow is packaged in a plastic “Belong To” bag with handle for sanitation and storage with an area for person’s name. MADE IN USA.


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