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Activity aprons & pillows for Alzheimer’s patients



The Alzheimer’s Activity Pillow is an essential tool in helping the person in your care to improve their cognition and fine-motor skills. They are excellent for dementia, Alzheimer’s patients, rehab patients, and nursing home/hospital patients. These activity pillows are designed to keep your loved one’s hands busy. They are currently being used, with great success, by a long term care facility to help their patients keep their hands ‘busy’ so that they are not pulling on their tubes and IVs. Used with great success. They are especially helpful and comforting for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who fidget and need to keep their hands busy. Plus the colorful designs stimulate the user’s brain.

One side has five secured activities with felt fabric and the reverse side has soft furry fabric for touching and feeling. A plush toy and a scrunchy sponge, on secured strings, are attached for petting and playing enjoyment. There are also 3 buttons for them to button & unbutton along with a zipper with a ring tab for them to play with & 2 pockets for them to put pictures or other items in. Pillow dimensions are 16″ x 16″, with 1 1/2″ padding, an ideal size for lap holding and is machine washable. (See washing instructions) The pillow is packaged in a plastic “Belong To” bag with handle for sanitation and storage with an area for person’s name. MADE IN USA.


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